Bulkheads and Dividers.

02/09/2021 4:19PM

Bulkheads and Dividers For Multi-Temp Trailers

Load Dividing Bulkhead Types, Options, and Varying Product Volumes.

The term bulkhead in a single temp operation typically refers to the air-return bulkhead on the front wall behind the refrigeration unit. But in a multi-temp trailer bulkheads and dividers operation, the term bulkhead refers to the insulated divider between zones. And there’s a whole book of options you can use.

Bulkheads can be customized to include:

  • Different securement systems (floors, walls, ceilings)
  • Trollies for moving trailer bulkheads and dividers
  • Varying heights for wedge-type trailer designs
  • Vents or Fans to transfer volumes of air from one zone to another
  • Access doors to allow the driver to access each zone

How to Extend your Zones to the Rear Door.

The Roll Door Cavity:

  • A roll door cavity is a false ceiling that allows you to extend zones and minimize heat gain.
  • The false ceiling sits a few inches below the rollup door track and provides a flat solid surface for which you can install a bulkhead just in front of the roll door. This accomplishes two things:
  1. Extends your zone 2, or zone 3
  2. Provides further protection against heat gain or temperature loss through a roll door which is notorious for being inefficient

Battling Heat Gain at the Rear Door

The Utility Barrier® Door Design

There is nothing as efficient as a Utility swing door (Barrier® Doors); they just don’t have heat gain problems. But any roll door has hinges and joints and bush seals, and you’re going to gain heat and lose temperature control around a roll door. So you want to consider the roll door cavity with false ceilings. 

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