Lightweight Options for Reefer Trailers

Lightweight Options for Reefer Trailers

Submitted by mbair on Tue, 02/09/2021 - 15:41

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Hey everybody, Bill Zeamer here from Utility Keystone Trailer Sales.

In this series, we’re discussing Standard Trailer Options and Upgrades you’ll want to consider when spec’ing your next reefer trailer. Today’s topic is Lightweight Savings Options.

Some of those lightweight options you can build into your trailer are:

Alum Wheels:

  • Saves up to 208 lbs. per trailer


  • Light Weight Steel Hubs: Saves up to 56 lbs.
  • Upgrade to Aluminum Hubs: Save anywhere from 56 lbs. to 62 lbs. depending on what you select.


  • CentriFuse drums: Saves approx. 56 lbs.  
  • Upgrade to Disc Brakes: Saves 20 lbs. and also stops the trailer a lot quicker.


  • Ultraa-K suspension: is 105 lbs. lighter than the original HK ANT 40.

Insulation Package:

  • Reduce the insulation in your sidewalls roof and floor (2” to 1.5”). Saves up to 184 lbs.

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