Multi-Temp Trailer Backhaul Restrictions

Multi-Temp Trailer Backhaul Restrictions

Submitted by mbair on Tue, 02/09/2021 - 17:55

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Backhaul Restrictions with a Multi-Temp Trailer.

Consider your backhaul options when designing your trailer. Make it as large as you can to take advantage of backhaul opportunities.

You're probably already aware that a multi-temp trailer just can't carry a 53' foot load. You've got bulkheads you're trying to store, you've got an evaporator that's hanging down, you might have a low ceiling height because you're running in cities, and you might have a narrow width, 96 inches wide.

Consider this when you're buying a multi-temp trailer and build them as large as you possibly can so you're not missing out on backhaul opportunities because you're just a couple of inches too short one way or the other.

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