Customer Warranty Filing Policies & Online Claim Form

Dealer Recommended – Utility Keystone Trailer Sales, Inc. performs warranty work:

  1. Customer can call to schedule repairs or drop unit off for warranty repairs.
  2. Utility Keystone’s Service Department completes warranty repairs.
  3. Pickup and delivery are available upon request.
    a. Contact Utility Keystone’s Service Department: (717)-400-7183 or
    b. Pickup and delivery of unit is free if unit is within 15 miles of 1976 Auction Road, Manheim PA 17545.
    c. A pickup and delivery fee of $2.50/mile will be invoiced to customer at the time of repair completion if outside the 15-mile radius (less 30 miles).
  4. Warranty claim is submitted.
  5. If warranty claim is denied, Utility Keystone will invoice the customer for the repairs.

Customer performing warranty work:

Utility Keystone is here to service our customers any way possible. For us to submit warranty claims, OEM’s require certain information to file. Please follow instructions below to ensure best results.

NOTE: Utility Keystone can only file warranty claims for our customers that perform warranty repairs on trailers owned by their company or leased through PennStro Leasing, LLC.

  1. Please fill out below form below for each warranty repair.
  2. Please take before pictures of failed components and completed repairs.
  3. Please upload pictures from form below.
  4. Please submit form
  5. All old parts associated with warranty failure will need to be sent back to Utility Keystone:
    1. Please mail to: 1976 Auction Road, Manheim Pa 17545
    2. Please note on package Attn: Warranty Admin: Trailer Vin#
  6. After completing steps 1-5, Utility Keystones’ Warranty Department can now submit warranty claim(s).
  7. Once claim is approved, Utility Keystone will reimburse the customer 100% of the approved parts dollars and approved labor hours. To help cover the cost of our customers repairs, Utility Keystone will reimburse all approved labor hours at an agreed upon labor rate.
  8. Utility Keystone Warranty Department will have a check mailed or credit posted to customers charge account based on the information submitted on the “Required Information for Customers Completing Warranty Repairs” Sheet.

Utility Keystone Trailer Sales, Inc. road call warranty work:

  1. Our customers can call to schedule a road call/on-site repair. When calling/e-mailing, please inform Service Advisor that repairs may be warranty. Utility Keystone’s Service: (717)-400-7183 or
  2. A road call technician will be dispatched and arrive on site to diagnose and perform repairs.
    1. Utility Keystone can only perform repairs at a secure facility. Not on the side of the road.
    2. Customer will be invoiced for technician’s travel time @ road call rate.
  3. Warranty claim is submitted.
  4. If warranty claim is denied, Utility Keystone will invoice the customer for the repairs.