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We're an authorized MAC Trailer Dealer. Aluminum Dumps, Flat Beds, & Drop Decks, Transfer Trailers, Moving Floors, and more.

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We're an authorized Cheetah Dealer. We stock new and used 40' Goosenecks, 20'/40' 12-Pin Chassis, and more. 

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Disc vs Drum Brakes

With the recent change to the U.S. DOT stopping distance requirements, are drum brakes up to the task?  The short answer is yes.  However, are disc brakes the future?

Disc brakes carry a hefty $3000 price, or about $500 per wheel, ballpark.  This is why fleets often raise the question on why they should spend so much capital on disc brakes because drum brakes are still very useful and meet U.S. DOT requirements.

Disc brakes do offer additional margin in terms of safety and stopping distance.  This is good for hilly roads or when carrying heavy loads.  They also are very good for powerful start and stop cycles.   Maintenance costs are lower over the lifetime of disc brakes.  The...

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Share the Road

There is always a lot of talk about sharing the road with motorcyclists, and this is a very important topic, but people often forget to share the road with our semi-trailer drivers.  Semi-trailers have numerous disadvantages on the road that many of us forget.  Their blind spots are very difficult to work around.  When you are on the road, always remain a safe distance between the tractor trailer.  If you are behind a semi, and are unable to see their side view mirrors, they cannot see you either.  Tractors are unable to accelerate and slow down as quickly as the average vehicle.  They also must maintain specific speeds set out by state and federal guidelines, especially around uneven terrains. ...

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