Evaporator placement and air flow control.

02/09/2021 5:23PM

Heat Evaporator Placement and Airflow In Multi-Temp Application

Proper placement of your heat evaporator is crucial for controlling airflow in multi-temp trailers.

If you place the evaporator too close to a side wall, rear door, or bulkhead, you won’t get proper airflow in multi-temp trailers.

You must work with your trailer salesman and evaporator provider to work out a strategy that will get you the proper airflow in multi-temps.

Evaporator protection

Think about how you will protect the evaporator when determining the layout for airflow in multi-temp trailers

  • Tow motors going in and out of your trailer are going to hit those evaporators, shut your trailer down,  and do thousands of dollars worth of damage, ending your operation for the day.
  • Make sure the evaporator is tucked up into the ceiling as high as possible with a heavy guard around it to protect it from being damaged.

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