Mult-temp remote control and shore power.

02/09/2021 5:19PM

Multi-Temp Remote Control and Shore Power

Remote Control Panels

Multi-temp remote temperature control for each zone is available through:

  • Host unit control
  • Rear-mounted control (recessed into the sidewall). Allows dock workers to reprogram all zones without going around to the front of the trailer.
  • Remote Telematic system control

Dock Seals

  • Protect against air leaks that affect temperature control.
  • You’re typically going to have a rollup door if you’ve got a multi-temp trailer, which allows outside air in during loading. Dock seals will help protect your product from the ambient air temperature outside bleeding in the loading process while you backed up to the dock.

Shore Power

  • The shore power plug option allows for control when idling.
  • There are rules, laws, regulations about not idling your trucks, running your refrigeration units when you’re backed up to the dock.
  • You can have shore power, or auxiliary power, or electric backup, a high voltage cable that extends from your trailer to the warehouse allowing you to run your refrigeration unit electrically rather than through the diesel engine.

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