February 2, 2021

Welcome! This series of articles discusses options for standard reefer trailers and upgrades you’ll want to consider when spec’ing your next reefer. [Read more about “How to Buy the Best Reefer Trailer”] Today we’re talking about Insulation, Light packages, and Stainless Steel options for standard reefer trailers. More insulation means greater ability to hold temperatures, and more … Continued

February 2, 2021

Today in our series, we’re discussing Wearband, Load Securement, and Side Panel Options for a standard reefer trailer. And it is part of our series on How To Buy the Best Reefer Trailer. Wearband Options: Wearband options for standard reefer trailer. HD Wearband and Polar X Fiberglass. [Read more about “How to Buy the Best Reefer Trailer”] HD … Continued

February 2, 2021

[Read more about “How to Buy the Best Reefer Trailer”] Winning the Battle between Mother Nature and Your Multi-Temp Trailer This is the reason you’re buying a multi-temp trailer. Controlling temperatures at different ranges in zones in multi-temp trailers can be more challenging than it might seem. If you have experience with single-temp trailers, you understand … Continued

January 28, 2021

[Read more about “How to Buy the Best Reefer Trailer”] Today our topic is How to Spec a Reefer Trailer for Hauling Produce, and it is part of our video series on How to Buy the Best Refrigerated Trailer. If you’re buying a trailer for hauling produce, you’re also considering your airflow and floor options to keep … Continued

January 28, 2021

Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy Your Next Reefer Trailer. If you’re looking for a new or used reefer trailer, this series How to Buy the Best Reefer Trailer is definitely for you. Our goal is to find you the best reefer trailer with the specs you need and within your budget. We’ll … Continued

January 27, 2021

Read more about “How to Buy the Best Reefer Trailer” Welcome! In this article, we’re discussing Specifications for a High Cube Trailer, which is part of our series on “How to Buy the Best Reefer Trailer.” Some of the subjects we’ll cover are: What is a High Cube trailer? Can I haul deep-frozen in a High Cube trailer? … Continued

January 27, 2021

[Read more about “How to Buy the Best Reefer Trailer”] Today we’re discussing Options to Consider for Deep Frozen Applications and is part of your series on “How to Buy the Best Refrigerated Trailer.” If you’re buying a reefer trailer to haul product at 0 to -20 degrees, and you have some questions about properly spec’ing it for deep-frozen, then you’re … Continued

December 9, 2020

LOYALTY TO MY CUSTOMERS. INTEGRITY IN MY WORK. Loyalty and Integrity are two words you could use to describe Dan Upschulte’s relationship with his customers. And, he brings these same values to his new role in New Trailer Sales, including the 3000R and 4000DX. Dan began his career with Utility Keystone, selling used and specialized … Continued

December 16, 2019

KEEPING CUSTOMERS’ NEEDS TOP OF MIND Keeping what’s important top of mind is what makes Matt Duke a perfect fit for the Utility Keystone family, and we’re proud to welcome him to the role of Finance Manager. Matt’s History After graduating from Shippensburg University in 2003 with degrees in communications and psychology, Matt began his … Continued

September 20, 2019

PASSION & DEDICATION TO OUR COMMUNITY A native of Lebanon, Pa. Mike began his career six years ago as a service technician before moving into service quoting and business development manager. As a service estimator at Utility Keystone, Mike will ensure a seamless trailer repair process for our customers, assessing any damage to their trailer, … Continued

September 10, 2019

FIND A NEED AND FILL IT. They say the key to starting a successful business is to “find a need and fill it.” Entrepreneur Cris Leatherwood of US Mobile Kitchens can certainly attest to this truism, but the truth is, finding a need is only the beginning. Filling a need requires dedicating time and resources … Continued

June 25, 2019

5TH WHEEL REPAIR & REPLACEMENT Inspection of a tractor trailer 5th wheel plate and kingpin is an absolute necessity for ensuring operational and road safety; however, this inspection is often neglected, overlooking rusted, corroded, or cracked parts that need repair or replacement. 85%-90% of 5th wheel plate failures are found during the DOT inspection. In … Continued

March 26, 2019

MOVING SAND IS NO DAY AT THE BEACH. UNTIL NOW. It’s true moving sand is no day at the beach until now that is. Utility Keystone Trailer Sales has just made it better, and now it’s 75° and Sunny. Delivering sand to fracking industry well pad sites can be time-consuming and costly. The long narrow … Continued

February 26, 2019

IT MAY BE TIME TO GET A YARD TRUCK… If you’re moving 10 or more trailers around your facility per day, your drivers are feeling the pain, literally, and it’s probably time to think about buying a yard truck to help. Yard trucks (also called terminal tractors, yard mules, yard spotters, yard dog trucks, yard … Continued

December 18, 2017

TRADE-IN YOUR OLD TRAILER What you need to know before you trade-in your used semi-trailer OBJECTIVITY – KNOW WHAT MAKES A GOOD TRADE-IN Try to be objective when looking at your equipment. Determine what the trailer is worth based on facts. We get it, you had ‘Ole Trusty’ for over 5 years and you’ve been everywhere … Continued