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05/23/2022 11:39AM

Load Bars for Semi-Trailers

Load Bars for Semi Trailers, or Cargo Bars, can secure your load and prevent it from shifting so your cargo arrives at its final destination undamaged.

Kiersten reviews load bar options available at Utility Keystone.

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Load Bars and E-Track Beams


Lock Bars are an option for securing your cargo without using Logistic Tracks.

Once pressure is applied, they remain firmly in place on your trailer wall to keep your cargo in place.

They help you save space in your trailer by creating a buffer between cargo that is pushed close together, keeping them from rubbing against each other. They can help organize your trailer by separating cargo into appropriate categories

Aluminum 90" - 105" Lok Bar

Standard Size Load Bar:

  • A strong but lightweight option for securing your load
  • Available in aluminum and steel
  • Accommodates most trailers
  • 90″ – 105″ aluminum Kinedyne Saf-T-Lok Bar

Lversized 86" - 114" Steel Jack Bar.

Oversize Load Bar:

  • Used for larger trailers.
  • 86″ – 114″ extra long galvanized square one-piece steel jack bar.
  • Has a quick-release handle assembly for easier handling.


E-Track Bar

E-Track load beams are useful for double-decking your load to maximize the entire cube space of your trailer, even mismatched, misshapen, or uneven loads.

E-Beams attached to existing E-Track, which can be mounted at 36″ or 72″ high on the inside of the trailer.

Kinedyne Decking/Shoring Beam

Kinedyne Decking/Shoring Beam

  • The 96.2″ – 106.6″ long beam fits a 96″ or 102″ wide trailer.
  • The 84″ – 95″ long beam fits a 96″ wide trailer.
  • It can handle a decking working load limit of 2,200Lbs./1,000 Kgs. and a shoring working load limit of 2,000 Lbs. / 910 Kgs.

For more information or help purchasing E-Beams or Load Bars for Semi Trailers, or box trucks, click the link below or call 717-653-9444.

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