Sliding Winch Track System

06/08/2022 5:04PM

Sliding Winch Track System

Are you looking for a Sliding Winch Track system for your flatbed semi-trailer? Utility Keystone stocks Standard Sliding Winches, Utility Combo Winches, Kinedyne Double L Winches, High Profile Winches, and various lengths of winch tracks.

In the video, Kiersten reviews an aluminum flatbed trailer with Kinedyne’s aluminum sliding winch track system and Double L sliding winches.

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Winches and Winch Straps

Winches secure cargo onto the flatbed with webbing or cables to create tension to secure your load. Winches can be welded on, bolted, or attached to a sliding track. They are used to wind a winch strap or cable and tighten with a winch bar to secure cargo to your flatbed.

Utility Keystone stocks the following types of trailer winches and tracks.

Sling Winch Tracks at Utility Keystone.


  • Tracks are available in 6’ lengths, aluminum, and steel, and 10’ lengths are available by order.
  • Double L sliding winch track.
  • C Channel sliding winch track.

Double L sliding winch.


These winches can hold a 27’ and 30’ strap.

  • Utility Combo Flat Winches
  • Kinedyne Double L winch
  • Standard Sliding Winch
  • High Profile sliding winch is taller and can hold straps longer than 30’.

For more information or help purchasing Winches and Winch Tracks, click the link below or call 717-653-9444.

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