Toolbox on a Flatbed Semi-Trailer

07/22/2022 11:00AM

Toolboxes for Flatbeds and Drop Decks

Here is a review of toolboxes for flatbed and drop deck semi-trailers.

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Storage boxes for flatbed semi-trailers are useful for storing straps, chains, binders, wheel chocks, extra tools, and roadside equipment like emergency flairs and triangles.

Utility Keystone carries toolboxes manufactured by AEROBOX™, Buyers Products Company ™ & STURDY-LIGHT™.

Toolboxes for Flatbeds

Toolboxes for flatbeds are available in various sizes and dimensions and are typically mounted between the dolly legs and front axle.

Height x Depth:
18” x 18”, 18” x 24”, 24” x 24”

48”, 52”, and 60”

Toolboxes for Drop Decks

Because drop deck trailers can only use low-profile toolboxes, you are more limited in size and dimensions.

Height x Depth:
18” x 18”

48’ up to 60”, depending on the spread of your axles.

* These boxes are mounted between the spread axles.

Toolbox Options

Each toolbox manufacturer offers a mounting kit for their boxes.

Available options on toolboxes for both flatbeds and drop deck trailers include:


Available in polished aluminum, or stainless steel

Stainless steel keeps its shiny new look and won’t oxidize, but it is more expensive than aluminum


Available with a T-Handle, or a Cam Loc, similar to the lock rod setup on the back of trailers.


Available with two doors or a single door.

For more information or help with your Tool Box selection, please click the link below or call 717-653-9444.

Tyler Rivera | Utility Keystone Trailer Sales Parts Counter Representative

Tyler Rivera
Parts Counter Representative

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