Product safety.

02/09/2021 4:12PM

Product Safety Features for Multi-Temp Trailers

Product safety features built into your trailer design will help maintain a safe environment.

Regulations and legislation require that you protect the load from temperature variations and bacteria contamination of all sorts. Product safety features for multi-temp trailers will help to do this.

Trailer Cleanout.

A strong drainage system and antimicrobial surfaces can help manage product safety.

We can build antimicrobial strategies into these trailers and the materials used, but typically it’s the drains and the cleanout.

  • The cleanout of the trailer is a huge issue today. Ensure that your multi-temp trailer is designed with an easy cleanout and good drain systems in the floors.
  • Be sure there are no pockets or cavities anywhere around the wearband – The coaching rails at the top of the sidewalls, the side doors, or anywhere and that would trap moisture and allow a culture of bacteria to grow.

Protect Yourself and Your Customers from Temperature Variations.

Telematics makes recording, controlling, and reporting temperature variations easier.

Protect your customer’s product from temperature variations by recording the temperature and transmitting it through Telematics. There’s a whole world of options available to you with this. Please ask your trailer sales when about those options.

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