Backhaul restrictions for multi-temp trailers..

02/09/2021 1:36PM

Multi-Temp Trailer Backhaul Restrictions


Consider your trailer backhaul options when designing your trailer. Make it as large as you can to take advantage of backhaul opportunities.

You want to take advantage of opportunities for trailer backhaul, but you’re already aware that a multi-temp trailer just can’t carry a 53′ foot load.

You’ve got bulkheads you’re trying to store, an evaporator that’s hanging down, you might have a low ceiling height because you’re running in cities, and you might have a narrow width, 96 inches wide.

Consider this when you’re buying a multi-temp trailer and build them as large as you possibly can so you’re not missing out on backhaul opportunities because you’re just a couple of inches too short one way or the other.

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