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Accommodating and determined are two words that help make Dave Holsinger a perfect fit at Utility Keystone Trailer Sales. And our parts team is proud to welcome him as our new parts team manager.

Dave has been in the trucking industry since he was 16 years old, starting as a technician in a small diesel shop. After 12 years, he moved on to a parts dealership, where he became the parts manager.

Coming aboard as parts manager at Utility Keystone felt like a perfect fit, said Dave. "I love working with our parts team and with our customers - it's just a...

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Utility Keystone's New Parts Manager Dave Holsinger

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Backhaul Restrictions with a Multi-Temp Trailer.

Consider your backhaul options when designing your trailer. Make it as large as you can to take advantage of backhaul opportunities.

You're probably already aware that a multi-temp trailer just can't carry a 53' foot load. You've got bulkheads you're trying to store, you've got an evaporator that's hanging down, you might have a low ceiling height because you're running in cities, and you might have a narrow width, 96 inches wide.

Consider this when you're buying a multi-temp...

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Multi-Temp Trailer Backhaul Restrictions

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Product Safety Features for Multi-Temp Trailers.

Product safety features built into your trailer design will help maintain a safe environment.

Regulations and legislation require that you protect the load from temperature variations and bacteria contamination of all sorts.

Trailer Cleanout.

A strong drainage system and antimicrobial surfaces can help manage product safety.

We can build antimicrobial strategies into these trailers and the materials used, but typically it's the drains and the cleanout.

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Product Safety Features for Multi-Temp Trailers

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Load Dividing Bulkhead Types, Options, and Varying Product Volumes.

The term bulkhead in a single temp operation typically refers to the air-return bulkhead on the front wall behind the refrigeration unit. But in a multi-temp operation, the term bulkhead refers to the insulated divider between zones. And there’s a whole book of options you can use.

Bulkheads can be customized to include:

  • Different securement systems (floors, walls, ceilings)
  • Trollies for moving bulkhead’s
  • ...
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Bulkheads and Dividers for Multi-Temp Trailers

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Interior and exterior lighting and controls are critical elements in the design of your trailer. And it is difficult to retrofit, so you've got to get it right when designing the trailer upfront.

Interior Lighting.

There has been significant innovation and technological improvement in LED lighting recently to create a bright environment for your driver to work inside the trailer.

Automatic Timers and Passive Infrared Sensors.

In the old strategy, you would go around the nose box on the trailer's front, hit a button, and...

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Multi-Temp Trailer Interior and Exterior Lighting

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We all want to protect our drivers, they’re hard to find and hard to replace, and you don’t want them to get hurt. They are your best friend out there on the highway, protecting your equipment and your product, and taking care of your customers.  

Driver safety tips for designing your multi-temp trailer.

We’ve got several things that can pose hazards to your drivers that don’t on a single temp. operation.

Typically they’re running in non-commercial areas. You’re not going into a big parking lot with plenty of room to swing...

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Driver Safety for Multi-Temp Operations Primary tabs

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How Thicker Insulation Can Affect Earning Potential

If you’re running a multi-temp trailer, chances are you don’t have a 53’ long 102" wide, 13.6” high trailer. Instead, you’ve got something shorter in length, height, and width.  

This means the wall thickness (insulation) becomes an even bigger issue for you because it reduces your inside width and potentially the number of pallets you can fit inside. The thicker the walls and the better insulation you have, the lower number of pallets you can put into the trailer, allowing you to haul...

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Dimensions of a Multi-Temp Trailer

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Remote Control Panels.

Remote temperature control for each zone is available through:

  • Host unit control
  • Rear-mounted control (recessed into the sidewall). Allows dock workers to reprogram all zones without going around to the front of the trailer.
  • Remote Telematic system control

Dock Seals.

  • Protect against air leaks that affect temperature control.
  • You’re typically going to have a rollup door if you’ve got a multi-temp...
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Multi-Temp Remote Control and Shore Power

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Proper placement of your heat evaporator is crucial for controlling airflow.

If you place the evaporator too close to a side wall, or rear door, or bulkhead, you won’t get proper airflow.

You must work with your trailer salesman and evaporator provider to work out a strategy that will get you the proper airflow.

Evaporator protection.

Think about how you will protect the evaporator when determining the layout.

  • Tow motors going in and out of your trailer are going to hit those evaporators...
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Heat Evaporator Placement and Airflow in Multi-Temp Application

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Hey everybody, Bill Zeamer here from Utility Keystone Trailer Sales.

In this series, we’re discussing Standard Trailer Options and Upgrades you’ll want to consider when spec’ing your next reefer trailer. Today’s topic is Lightweight Savings Options.

Some of those lightweight options you can build into your trailer are:

Alum Wheels:

  • Saves up to 208 lbs. per trailer


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Lightweight Options for Reefer Trailers

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Today, we'll discuss How to spec your semi-trailer for a heavy-haul application, and it is part of our series on How to Buy the Best Reefer Trailer. 

If you're considering spec'ing your trailer for heavy applications, then you're in the right place. We'll review:

  • Examples of Heavy Haul Scenarios
    • Bulk loads, anything that loads against the side walls like watermelon or potatoes or even a backhaul load such as carpet.
    • Consistently loading a heavy tow motor inside the...
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Reefer Trailer Specs for Heavy Haul Application

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Welcome to our series on Standard Trailer Options and Upgrades you’ll want to consider when spec’ing your next reefer trailer. Today's topic is Tire Size, Wheel Type, Suspension & Brakes.

Wheel Options:

  • Powder-coated White steel (Most common)
  • Aluminum: $1,500 upgrade
  1. Clean buff.
  2. Polished.
  3. Dura bright – has a clear coat finish.

Tire Sizes:

  • Standard: Low...
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Tires, Wheels, Suspension, and Brake Options for Standard Reefer Trailer

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Winning the Battle between Mother Nature and Your Multi-Temp Trailer

This is the reason you’re buying a multi-temp trailer. Controlling temperatures at different ranges in the same trailer can be more challenging than it might seem.

If you have experience with single-temp trailers, you understand the battle between mother nature and ambient temperature and your products's temperature.

Temperature Ranges and Control on Multi-Temp Trailers

The critical factor in the design of the trailer is the ability to maintain proper...

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Temperature Ranges and Zones in a Multi-Temp Trailer

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Today in our series, we’re discussing Wearband, Load Securement, and Side Panel Options to consider with your next reefer trailer purchase. And it is part of our series on How To Buy the Best Reefer Trailer.

Wearband Options:

Let’s talk about our two most common wearband options.  HD Wearband and Polar X Fiberglass.

  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum, with a 10” turn up and a 6” extension, for a total of 16 inches.
  • Heavy-Duty Fiberglass (Polar X),  with a 2” turn up. Heavy-duty fiberglass...
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Wearband, Securement, and Side Panel Options for Standard Reefer Trailer

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In this series of articles, we'll discuss Trailer Body Features and Upgrades you'll want to consider when spec'ing your next reefer trailer.

Today we’re talking about Insulation, Light packages, and Stainless Steel options.

What Thickness Insulation Do I Need For My Reefer Trailer?

More insulation means greater ability to hold temperatures, and more insulation means thicker walls, which reduces interior space.

Common insulation thicknesses:

  • 2” on the side
  • 3”...
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Insulation, Lights, and Stainless Steel Options you'll want to consider when spec'ing your next reefer trailer.

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Welcome! In this article, we're discussing “How to Spec a Standard Reefer Trailer,” part of our series “How to Buy the Best Refrigerated Trailer!

If you are looking to buy a standard reefer trailer, one question you might be asking yourself is, "How much weight can I haul?"

Here, we'll review a standard reefer trailer and answer the...

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Standard Reefer Trailer Spec's

Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy Your Next Reefer Trailer.

If you’re looking for a new or used reefer trailer, this series How to Buy the Best Reefer Trailer is definitely for you. Our goal is to find you the best reefer trailer with the specs you need and within your budget.

We’ll take a deep dive into how you can buy the best reefer trailer spec’d with your particular requirements and needs in mind.

We’ll look at upgrades and options to consider for reducing your maintenance cost, reducing downtime, and maximizing efficiency and return on your investment.

Here are just a few of the topics we’ll cover:

  • What options and specs should you consider for heavy-...
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How to Buy the Best Reefer Trailer

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Today our topic is How to Spec a Reefer Trailer for Hauling Produce, and it is part of our video series on How to Buy the Best Refrigerated Trailer.

If you're buying a trailer for hauling produce, you're also considering your airflow and floor options to keep your product fresh. In this article, we'll review options for:

  • Trailer Refrigeration Units
  • Airflow 
  • Vents
  • And the Advantages of Flat Floor or Duct Floor


Trailer Refrigeration Units...

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Airflow and floor options to keep your product fresh in a reefer trailer

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Today we're discussing Options to Consider for Deep Frozen Applications and is part of your series on "How to Buy the Best Refrigerated Trailer."

If you're buying a reefer trailer to haul product at 0 to -20 degrees, and you have some questions about properly spec'ing it for deep-frozen, then you're at the place.

We're going to learn about:

  • How to determine your clearance needs and insulation options
  • How alternative deep-frozen...
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Deep Frozen Spec's and Options for Reefer Trailers

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Welcome! In this article, we're discussing Specifications for a High Cube Reefer Trailer, which is part of our series on "How to Buy the Best Reefer Trailer."

Some of the subjects we'll cover are:

  • What is a High Cube trailer?
  • Can I haul deep-frozen in a High Cube trailer?
  • How high is a High Cube trailer?
  • High Cube reefer trailer dimensions.
  • How can I increase my reefer trailer's interior space to fit standard pallets...
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Spec'ing a High Cube Reefer Trailer


Loyalty and Integrity are two words you could use to describe Dan Upschulte’s relationship with his customers. And, he brings these same values to his new role in New Trailer Sales.

Dan began his career with Utility Keystone, selling used and specialized trailers, focusing on high-end specialty owner-operator specs. And now he'll add new Utility Dry Van and...

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Dan Upschulte | New Trailer Sales at Utility Keystone Trailer Sales


Keeping what’s important top of mind is what makes Matt Duke a perfect fit for the Utility Keystone family, and we’re proud to welcome him to the role of Finance Manager.

After graduating from Shippensburg University in 2003 with degrees in communications and psychology, Matt began his career in the auto industry. Over 16 years, he grew his experience with various positions in sales, as a finance manager, and as a store manager.

As Finance Manager at Utility Keystone, Matt will assist in securing...

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Utility Keystone's Finance Manager, Matt Duke


Passion and dedication to our community make Mike a perfect fit at Utility Keystone Trailer Sales, and our service team is proud to welcome him in the newly created position of Service Estimator.

A native of Lebanon, Pa. Mike began his career six years ago as a service technician before moving into service quoting and business development manager. As a service estimator at Utility Keystone, Mike will ensure a seamless trailer repair process for our customers, assessing any damage to their trailer, and providing a quote for the repair. He'll also work closely with our service team to ensure the timely...

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Utility Keystone Trailer Sales Welcomes New Service Estimator Mike Brandt



They say the key to starting a successful business is to "find a need and fill it." Entrepreneur Cris Leatherwood of US Mobile Kitchens can certainly attest to this truism, but the truth is, finding a need is only the beginning. Filling a need requires dedicating time and resources to develop an idea to help people you will probably never meet.

Utility Keystone Trailer Sales calls this “Helping Others Win.”

How Cris Leatherwood filled a need

Shortly after starting his construction rental business category three hurricane Katrina hit, causing catastrophic and...

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Utility Keystone reefer trailer converted into mobile kitchen.



Inspection of a tractor trailer 5th wheel plate and kingpin is an absolute necessity for ensuring operational and road safety; however, this inspection is often neglected, overlooking rusted, corroded, or cracked parts that need repair or replacement.

85%-90% of 5th wheel plate failures are found during the DOT inspection.

In this video, Lead Service Technician, Larry Anders, walks us through our 5-point process and showcases what sets Utility Keystone Trailer Sales service team apart from the rest.

Utility Keystone's 5th wheel plate repair and...

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5th Wheel Plate Repair and Replacement



It’s true moving sand is no day at the beach until now that is. Utility Keystone Trailer Sales has just made it better, and now it’s 75° and Sunny.

Delivering sand to fracking industry well pad sites can be time-consuming and costly. The long narrow roads used to access the sites are problematic, the difficult path can be 2 miles long or more, and the turns are tight.

Tim Proffitt of Utility Keystone Trailer Sales says: “The problem is flatbeds are just not made to be off-road.”

 “A customer contacted me about a problem they were experiencing in the field, in Western Pa. They, along with...

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Tim Proffitt with Proppant Cheetah Chassis




If you’re moving 10 or more trailers around your facility per day, your drivers are feeling the pain, literally, and it’s probably time to think about buying a yard truck to help.

Yard trucks (also called terminal tractors, yard mules, yard spotters, yard dog trucks, yard goats, yard jockeys or switcher trucks) are semi-tractors that have one task: jockey trailers around in confined spaces and short distances throughout the yard. Designed with safety measures, they reduce driver injuries, cut worker’s comp claims and retain drivers by removing unnecessary hazards. If that’s not enough reason to consider a yard truck read on, there’s more....

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Utility Keystone Ottawa Yard Trucks



What you need to know before you trade-in your used semi-trailer


Try to be objective when looking at your equipment. Determine what the trailer is worth based on facts. We get it, you had ‘Ole Trusty’ for over 5 years and you’ve been everywhere together, but let’s be honest…he ain’t as good as he once was. Right, Toby? Consider the following: the overall condition; the presence of physical defects or damage; the age of the unit; the make and model; the size; the rarity of trailer; what you hauled; and current inspection status.



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Trade-In and Trade-Up in 5 Steps



Want more money in your pocket? Let's take a look at your fuel economy. Whether you’re in charge of a large fleet or an independent owner/operator, attention to fuel efficiency could have a significant, long-term effect on your bottom line. There are multiple factors that affect fuel economy: driver experience, road conditions, load weight, and specifications just to name a few. Some things are out of your control, naturally, so don’t get all worked up. As for the things you can control, here’s a list of opportunities. Enjoy!

1.     Know Your Role!


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Fuel Economy Tips



Purchasing a trailer can be a pain in the neck, but it doesn’t have to be. We have created a list of things to consider when you’re ready to make that purchase. Plus, this is your livelihood. Let’s make it smooth…like Tennessee whiskey.


1) What are you hauling?

It’s important to know what you’re hauling or expecting to haul. If you’re hauling packed beef from Wisconsin, you may not need that reefer unit with a higher cooling power meant for transporting ice cream. Having the...

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Refrigerated Trailers for Sale



Utility Keystone Trailer Sales, Inc. 
Manheim, Pa

Click here to see official release.

We are proud to announce the addition of Tom Dorwart to our sales team and the promotion of Mark Miller from Outside Parts Sales Representative to Director of Customer Sales.

Tom, a native to Manheim, has over 25 years of sales and management experience. Bill Zeamer, Vice President, had this to say about Tom:

“Tom brings a passion to take care of...
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Trailers for Sale



PennStro Leasing opens branch in Shippensburg, PA.

Manheim, PA: PennStro Leasing (PSL) is excited to announce the opening of its second branch location at 15 Hershey Road in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. The expansion will allow PSL to better serve clients along Interstate 81 between Winchester, VA and Harrisburg, PA. The conveniently located branch will also provide another option for current PSL customers.

“Our top priority is to conveniently provide quality equipment and services to our customers,” said Matt Flower, PSL Director of Sales, when discussing PSL’s strategy behind the new location. Bob Newton, PSL General...

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With the recent change to the U.S. DOT stopping distance requirements, are drum brakes up to the task?  The short answer is yes.  However, are disc brakes the future?

Disc brakes carry a hefty $3000 price, or about $500 per wheel, ballpark.  This is why fleets often raise the question on why they should spend so much capital on disc brakes because drum brakes are still very useful and meet U.S. DOT requirements.

Disc brakes do offer additional margin in terms of safety and stopping distance.  This is good for hilly roads or when carrying heavy loads.  They also are very good for powerful start and stop cycles.   Maintenance costs are lower over the lifetime of...

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There is always a lot of talk about sharing the road with motorcyclists, and this is a very important topic, but people often forget to share the road with our semi-trailer drivers.  Semi-trailers have numerous disadvantages on the road that many of us forget.  Their blind spots are very difficult to work around.  When you are on the road, always remain a safe distance between the tractor trailer.  If you are behind a semi, and are unable to see their side view mirrors, they cannot see you either.  Tractors are unable to accelerate and slow down as quickly as the average vehicle.  They also must maintain specific speeds set out by state and federal guidelines, especially around...

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What makes the Utility Reefer Trailer the bestselling reefer trailer in the industry?  Pretty much everything.  Did you know every trailer is real-world tested on Utility’s custom test track?  The stronger & lightweight design, superior thermal performance built into the roof, walls, and floors, and the best rear door system on the market (Utility Barrier Doors) all help make the Utility 3000R better than the rest.

The most important piece that makes the 3000R superior, is the Foam-In-Place insulation process.  This...

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Utility 3000R Foam-In-Place



Trailer maintenance ensures you stay compliant with state and federal regulations. For complete compliance, refer to your company's policies and safety procedures. It saves you money and increases the safety of you and others around you. 

  • Check Your Tires and Wheels

Perform regular tire inspections. Verify all tires are the same type and properly inflated. This prolongs the life of your tire and saves you money and repairs. By checking your tires, you are also able to identify other...

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Looking to get the best performance from your trailer? Do you want to save money on general maintenance, especially on tires? Automatic tire inflation systems keep your tires correctly inflated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of the weather or delivery schedules.

Automatic tire inflation systems use compressed air from the trailer to inflate any tire that falls below its appropriate pressure. Air from the existing trailer air supply is routed to a control box, then into each axle.

The benefits of having a tire inflation systems far outweigh the challenges without one. It will save you time, less time & money on...

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Utility Genuine Semi Trailer Parts



This Manheim-based business, which turned 35 in February, is looking forward, not backward.

It has built a foundation for growth by expanding its product line, adding a shift of employees, growing its lease and rental division, and upgrading its facility, Vice President Bill Zeamer said.

Since its founding by his father, Stan Zeamer, UKTS has offered a full line of truck body kits and refrigerated, dry freight and flatbed trailers.

“We're similar to a Ford or Chevy dealer,” Bill Zeamer said, “only instead of selling or leasing cars, we have commercial transportation trailers...

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Bryan Zeamer and Bill Zeamer, Utility Keystone Trailer Sales, PA