02/10/2023 10:32AM

Replacing Landing Legs on a Semi-Trailer

You are replacing a landing leg on your reefer, dry van, or flatbed semi-trailer due to internal gear failure, accident damage, or the legs have rusted out over time.

Here are some tips to help you identify the correct replacement landing legs you need for your trailer. 

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What you need to know when ordering replacement landing legs.

Your parts sales representative can identify the correct landing leg replacements you need for your particular trailer, with the trailer VIN # or the information on the tag on the dolly legs. 

If you do not have the VIN# or the information on the dolly legs, your parts representative can determine the correct landing leg replacement with the following additional information from you. 

  1. Identify if the landing leg has a 17” or 19” travel. 
    • Measure the case from top to bottom. 
    • A 17” travel will have a body case measurement of 26 ½”. A 19” travel will have a body case measurement anywhere from 27 ½” to 28 ½”.
  2. Does the landing gear have an 8- or 10-hole mount?
  3. Is it an inside or outside mount?
    You can identify this by looking to see if the dolly leg is mounted inside or outside the wing plate.
  4. Does the dolly leg have an external gear box?
    Holland is an external gear box
    Jost is an internally mounted gear box.

Check for additional damage to your semi-trailer

If replacing a landing leg due to an accident, you should check for possible damage to other parts of the trailer, including Cross members, K Brace, Wing Plate, Double Brackets, and Bottom Rails. 

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