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Ordering Replacement Landing Legs

Your parts sales representative can identify the correct landing leg replacements you need for your particular trailer, with the trailer VIN # or the information on the tag on the dolly legs. 

If you do not have the VIN# or the information on the dolly legs, your parts representative can determine the correct landing leg replacement with a little more information from you. 

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What you need to know when ordering replacement landing legs.

  1. Identify if the landing leg has a 17” or 19” travel. 
  2. Does the landing gear have an 8- or 10-hole mount?
  3. Is it an inside or outside mount?
  4. Does the dolly leg have an external gear box?

Read the full article for additional information on how to identify the landing to order for your trailer.

Check for additional damage to your semi-trailer when replacing landing legs due to an accident.

If replacing a landing leg due to an accident, you should check for possible damage to other parts of the trailer, including Crossmembers, K Brace, Wing Plate, Double Brackets, and Bottom Rails. 

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02/10/2023 11:46AM


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