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Air Bags and Shocks for Semi-Trailers

Looking for air bags and shocks for your semi-trailer? Utility Keystone can help.

When ordering air bags and shocks, providing your parts sales rep with some information will help ensure you’re purchasing the right parts for your trailer.

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Provide your salesman with the Vin # of the trailer or the Model # and Serial # of the trailer suspension, which is identified on the front hanger

Consider replacing the shocks on your semi-trailer when replacing a faulty airbag.

Over time leaking airbags can cause added stress to shocks causing additional wear, so now is a good time to replace them.

Utility Keystone carries Hendrickson and Pro-Par shocks.

Airbag Mounting Kits can also become corroded, requiring them to be cut off when replacing the airbag. Therefore, it’s a good idea to order a new mounting kit when purchasing a new airbag.

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12/07/2022 10:21AM


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