3 Steps to Replacing Gladhand Seals

Watch our service technician Larry Anders demonstrate 3 Steps to Replacing Gladhand Seals on a semi-trailer.

Gladhand seals can wear out over time, causing them to leak. If that happens, the seals must be replaced as soon as possible to prevent problems with the air brake system.

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How often should I replace gladhand seals?

As a rule, Gladhand Seals should be replaced every year. But if you see signs of damage or wear beforehand, replace them immediately.

3 Steps to Replace Gladhand Seals

Step #1: Remove the Old Seal

Insert your screwdriver behind the old seal and pop it out.

Step #2: Clean Gladhand

Once the old seal is removed, clean the gladhand cavity with a rag until it’s free of debris and oil.

Step #3: Insert New Seal

Insert the new seal and, using your fingers, press around the seal’s surface until its grooves lock into the grooves of the gladhand.

Once the seal is properly seated, reattach the couple and turn the pressure on to check for leaks.

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01/19/2023 10:33AM


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