Air Bag Replacement for your Semi-Trailer

12/06/2022 2:46PM

Air Bag and Shock Replacement Parts

Looking for air bag and shock replacement parts for your semi-trailer? Utility Keystone can help.

When replacing a faulty air bag on your semi-trailer, you’ll also want to purchase a new air bag mounting kit and possibly new shocks. 

Utility Keystone carries Hendrickson and Firestone airbags. 

Hendrickson Air Bag

Two ways to identify the specific replacement parts you need for your trailer.

  1. Provide your parts sales representative with the vin# of the trailer
  2. Provide your parts sales representative with the model # and serial # of your trailer’s suspension, which is identified on the left front hanger of the suspension itself.

Air Bag Mounting Kits:

Mounting kits can become corroded, requiring them to be cut off when replacing the airbag. Therefore, it’s a good idea to order a new mounting kit. 


Consider replacing shocks when replacing airbags. Over time leaking airbags can cause added stress to shocks causing additional wear. 

Utility Keystone carries Hendrickson and Pro-Par shocks.

Check for other worn parts:

Check the airbag pedestal and top mounting plate for excessive wear when replacing these wearable suspension items.

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For more information or help purchasing replacement airbags or shocks for your semi-trailer, please click the link below or call 717-653-9444.

Tyler Rivera | Utility Keystone Trailer Sales Parts Counter Representative

Tyler Rivera
Parts Counter Representative

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