The best specs for a heavy haul application.

02/08/2021 4:16PM

Reefer Trailer Specs for Heavy Haul Application

Today, we’ll discuss specs for heavy-haul applications, and it is part of our series on How to Buy the Best Reefer Trailer. 

If you’re considering spec’ing your trailer for heavy-haul applications, then you’re in the right place. We’ll review:

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  • Examples of Heavy Haul Scenarios
    • Bulk loads, anything that loads against the side walls like watermelon or potatoes or even a backhaul load such as carpet.
    • Consistently loading a heavy tow motor inside the trailer
  • Options to consider for your heavy haul trailer
  • Evaluate the need for a Tow-Motor package

If you know you’re hauling heavy, you will want to consider adding these heavy haul options to strengthen your trailer.

Heavy Haul Options

* Consider adding these heavy haul options sooner rather than later. It will cut down on maintenance costs and increase the life of the trailer.

  • Space Side Posts closer together (12″, 16″, 24″)
  • Space Roof Bows closer together (24″, or 48″)
  • Add a Heavy Duty Top and Bottom Rail
  • Add a Heavy Duty Floor
  • Cross Member Spacing:12” is standard. Go to 10″ or 8” for added strength.

What type of tow motor will enter your trailer?

  • Standard duct floors are rated at 20,000 lbs. for fork trucks with 12” wide front tires.
  • 80% of the tow motor and payload is applied to the front axle.
Example #1: Under capacity tow motor load

If you’re entering a standard duct floor with a 24,000 lb. tow motor and product, you’re within the maximum allowable capacity of 20,000 lbs., with 80% of the total weight (19,000 lbs.) on the front axle.

24,000 lb. Tow Motor + Product WeightStandard 1.5″ Deep Heavy-Duty Aluminum Duct Floor
Font Axle weight (24,000 lbs. – 20%) = 19,000 lbs. (80%)Floor Maximum Capacity. = 20,000 lbs.
Example #2: Overcapacity tow motor load

If you’re loading beer, you could have 5,000 lbs. on that pallet x2 = 10,000 lbs. If your tow motor weighs 20,000 lbs. (total 30,000 lbs.). With 80% of the total weight on the front axle, you’ll be 4,000 lbs. over the maximum allowable capacity for a standard floor.

30,000 lb. Tow Motor + Product WeightStandard 1.5″ Deep Heavy-Duty Aluminum Duct Floor
Font Axle weight (30,000 lbs. – 20%) = 24,000 lbs. (80%)Floor Maximum Capacity. = 20,000 lbs.

Are you hauling heavy?

  1. How much does your tow motor weigh? (5,000, 10,000, 15, or 20, or 25?)
  2. How much does your product weigh?
  3. Does the tow motor have 7” wheels, or does it have the standard 12” wheels to distribute the weight? If the tow motor has 7” wheels, that can mean serious trouble. The weight will be concentrated and can break the trailer a lot faster. And that’s not covered by a warranty.

Do you need to consider a tow motor package?

A tow-motor package can help prevent damage to the floor of your trailer. 

  • Adds additional I-Core Inserts at the rear of the trailer floor. The most common is 36” deep and can go to 72”.
  • Adds additional diamond plate at the back, welded to the top of the floor at the rear. Adds additional protection from wear and tear.
  • Add additional dock plates for damage protection.
  • Additional sidewall wearband available in 6” increments
  • Buck plate thickness can be upgraded from 3/8” standard to 5/8” HD.
  • Heavier duty door frame. The standard is 12 ga. You can go to 8 ga.
I-core insert.

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