Beam Ratings on Semi-Trailer Flatbeds

Today we’re discussing Beams and Beam Ratings on Flatbed Semi-Trailers. This video is part of our series on How to Buy the Best Flatbed Trailer.

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The beams on your flatbed are essentially the backbone of your trailer. A pair of longitudinal support beam sections running under the deck the length of the trailer connects the front approach plate, the suspension hangers in the rear, and all the cross members run through it.

Here, we’ll look at the different flatbed trailers, their beams, and how they might affect specific applications for hauling. Some questions we’ll answer are:

  • What is a coil package on a flatbed?
  • Why are some semi-trailers bowed?
  • What is an extended flatbed trailer?
  • What is a beam rating on a flatbed?
  • How can I increase my backhaul options on my flatbed semi-trailer?

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12/13/2021 4:59PM