Spec’ing A High Cube Reefer Trailer

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Welcome! This article discusses Specifications for a High Cube Trailer, which is part of our series on “How to Buy the Best Reefer Trailer.”

Some of the subjects we’ll cover are:

  • What is a High Cube trailer?
  • Can I haul deep-frozen in a High Cube trailer?
  • How can I increase my reefer trailer’s interior space to fit standard pallets?
  • How high is a High Cube trailer?
  • High Cube reefer trailer dimensions.
  • How can I spec my reefer trailer for increased resale value?
  • High cube reefer trailer vs. Standard trailer.
  • How can I spec my reefer trailer to accommodate multiple types of backhauls?

The Advantage of a High Cube Trailer

The High Cube Trailer allows you to haul more product per load.

A High Cube Capacity Reefer Trailer is built on a Wedge Design where the rear height is greater than the front, allowing for a higher stacked product. The inside front height is increased by 3″, and the rear is increased by 6″.


Thin Insulation + High Cube Design.

Design your reefer trailer for hauling deep-frozen and still have the interior space needed to carry pallets of produce or general commodity.

  • Versatility
  • Increased Revenue

If you build the reefer with the Thin Insulation in walls, ceiling, and floor and build it on a Wedge Design, you can get up to 98″ inside width, 110″ rear door opening height, and up to 107″ inside at the front.

This design allows you to load dry freight like potato chips or snack foods one way and refrigerated products on your return trip.

Specs and Options Needed.

To increase interior space with a high cube trailer design, you’ll need the following specs:

  • Low-Profile Rear Door Header. Modifies the rear door frame for high capacity specifications to get a 110″ inside opening.
  • Shallow Front Subframe. Change the front subframe to get 107″ inside.
  • High BTU Unit. Going to thinner insulation will require a greater cooling capacity reefer unit – higher BTUs. You’re cutting back on your thermal efficiency with thin insulation; the higher BTU unit allows you to haul the deep-frozen.
  • Cross Member Configuration.
    • ​Downsize from 4″ to 3″ high cross members. Keeps height 13.6″.
    • Space cross members at 8″ instead of 12″ to get the same rating.

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