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05/06/2022 3:43PM

Semi-Trailer Hub Caps

If you are replacing a hubcap on your semi-trailer because it’s broken or leaking oil or grease, you might have some questions. 

Here, Kiersten reviews the difference between Parallel and Narrow hubcaps on a semi-trailer.

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Do you have a Parallel or Narrow Spindle?

How to know if you have Parallel Spindle hubcaps or Narrow Spindle hubcaps.

Narrow hubcaps:

  • They are smaller than Parallel hubcaps.
  • They have two different size bearings, so it is a tapered design.

Parallel hubcaps:

  • Are larger than the narrow hubcaps
  • Both the bearings are the same size, and therefore the hub is a straight design.

Knowing the answers to some basic questions about your hubcaps will help your parts counter person identify the type of hubcap you have on your trailer, even without knowing the VIN number.

  • Is it a grease or oil hubcap?
  • Do you have tire inflation?
  • Is your hubcap a Narrow or Parallel spindle?

We can figure out what you need to get you back on the road with this basic information about your hubcaps.

For more information or help with your Semi-Trailer Hub Caps, click the link below or call 717-653-9444.

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