Oversize Load Signage for Semi-Trailers

10/13/2022 3:58PM

Oversize Load Products

Do you need oversized load products for your flatbed trailer load? Utility Keystone carries oversize load signs, flags, and lights!

Before we get into oversized load products for Flatbed Trailers, let’s identify what qualifies as an oversize load.

What is an Oversize Load?

If you’re asking yourself, “when do I need an oversized load sign?” read below for some general information to help answer this question.

Loads are considered “oversized” when they exceed a road-ways standard load size and must be identified as such with oversized load signs and warning flags.

Generally, an oversized load is:

  • Width of more than 8.5 feet
  • Height of more than 8.5 feet (can be up to 13.5 feet)
  • Length of more than 50 feet (48 to 53 feet, depending on the state)
  • Weight of more than 46,000 pounds (depends on the truck, determined per axle)

Examples of Oversize Loads

  • Construction equipment: cranes, backhoes, dump trucks, and bulldozers
  • Construction materials: steel beams and piping
  • Agricultural equipment: combines and tractors
  • Manufacturing equipment: assembly lines, conveyors, and grinders
Each state has different requirements for oversize shipments, so you must know each state's legal requirements. This flatbed equipment guide outlines the legal limits for each trailer type. 

Oversize Load Signs and Flags

Proper visual signage and flags ensure safety for oversize loads on the roadway. Safety equipment for oversize loads includes signs, signals, and flags. Red flags and amber lights are required for oversized loads to ensure visibility to other traffic.

  • Alerts other drivers that you are hauling a larger and heavier load.
  • Helps the truck and trailer stand out.

Yellow Oversize Load Signs

Oversize Load Sign

Oversized load signs can be attached to your truck’s front bumper and your trailer’s rear bumper.

  • They are either made of Mesh or Vinyl: Utility stocks mesh, we can order vinyl.
  • Size: 18″ x 84″ – vinyl or mesh
  • Placement: Secured to the front and back of a flatbed via grommets, rubber tie-downs, ropes, and more.
Red Caution oversize load flags

Red Caution Flags

Caution flags are attached with a rope through grommets or on a wooden dowel in an opening provided for flags.

  • Size: Red warning flags- 18″ x 18″
  • Placement: placed on the corners of the front truck and rear trailer bumper.
  • Attachment: They are attached with a rope through grommets or on a wooden dowel in an opening provided for flags.

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For more information or help purchasing oversize load products, please click the link below or call 717-653-9444.

Tyler Rivera | Utility Keystone Trailer Sales Parts Counter Representative

Tyler Rivera
Parts Counter Representative

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