Please help us welcome an exciting addition to our Utility Keystone Trailer Sales family! Gary Roche will serve our customers and us as our F&I Coordinator.  

We now have a department dedicated to offering the best finance packages available for purchase loans and leasing, promoting credit lines, and additional protection for after sale. 

Originally from New York, Gary has been immersed in the finance and sales world for over a decade. His long history of establishing a strong sales culture and management will compliment our team and make us better.  

Bill Zeamer, Vice President, excitedly had this to say about our new team member: 

“Gary’s extensive finance and insurance product knowledge will help our customers choose from the best finance and insurance options that our dealership offers.” 

We talked with Gary to learn more about him and get his thoughts on the new step in his career.  

Your career has been nothing short of impressive, what was the lead up to you getting started in sales and finance? 

“­I was born in 1984 in the bustling city of New York City, but it was in the sunny landscapes of South Florida where I spent my formative years. After completing my high school education, I pursued my academic journey at Florida Atlantic University. Eager to broaden my horizons, I later attended Millersville University, further enriching my knowledge, and honing my skills.” 

What are your passions when you’re not in the office? 

Growing up surrounded by the vibrant energy of the coastal region, I developed a deep appreciation for adventure and the outdoors. I’m also a true motorsports enthusiast, I closely follow Formula 1, WRC, IndyCar, and stock car racing, relishing the adrenaline and skill displayed on the track. Whenever I have the chance, I strap on my helmet and join kart racing competitions, where my passion for speed and competition has found an outlet. 

 Your appreciation for the outdoors does not go unnoticed, are there any activities you like to participate in particularly? 

 Primitive camping has become a favorite pastime, allowing me to disconnect from the digital world and immerse myself in the serene wilderness. Fishing, golfing, and kart racing are more than hobbies to me—they are opportunities to challenge myself, push my limits, and enjoy the company of friends and fellow enthusiasts. 

 Overall, what made you think you were a good fit for this role? 

With a decade of experience in the finance industry under my belt, I have proven my expertise and dedication. I’m a multifaceted individual driven by a thirst for life, I continue to embrace new experiences and seek the thrill of the unknown, all while cherishing the bonds that make life meaningful. 

 We agree, Gary. And that’s why we’re more than excited to make this announcement. We look forward to seeing him excel and grow in this new position! 

 For the best finance deals on Utility Keystone’s heavy duty new and used semi-trailers, contact Gary Roche at or call him at (717) 492-8050.