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We're Changing the way you think about 5th Wheel Plate Repair and Replacement.

5th Wheel Plate Repair and Replacement
Inspection of a tractor trailer 5th wheel plate and kingpin is an absolute necessity for ensuring operational and road safety; however, this inspection is often neglected, overlooking rusted, corroded, or cracked parts that need repair or replacement.

85%-90% of 5th wheel plate failures are found during the DOT inspection.

Here’s How to Move More Sand More Efficiently to Your Well Pad

Tim Proffitt with Proppant Cheetah Chassis

It’s true moving sand is no day at the beach until now that is. Utility Keystone Trailer Sales has just made it better, and now it’s 75° and Sunny.

Delivering sand to fracking industry well pad sites can be time-consuming and costly. The long narrow roads used to access the sites are problematic, the difficult path can be 2 miles long or more, and the turns are tight.

Tim Proffitt of Utility Keystone Trailer Sales says: “The problem is flatbeds are just not made to be off-road.”