Trailer Technician replacing a hubcap on a semi-trailer

09/01/2022 11:02AM

Replace a Hubcap on a Semi-Trailer

Learn how to replace a hubcap on a semi-trailer in 3 Easy Steps.

In this step-by-step video demonstration, Larry Anders shows us how to replace a hubcap on a semi-trailer.

3 Steps to Replacing a Hubcap on a Semi-Trailer.

Disconnecting PSI lines on semi-trailer hubcap.

STEP #1: Disconnect the PSI lines.

In this example, we are replacing a hubcap with a PSI system attached to it. So, first, we’ll disconnect the psi lines.

Removing old hucap from semi-trailer

STEP #2: Remove the Old Hubcap.

Remove the bolts around the perimeter of the hubcap, and remove the hubcap.

Let the oil drain into a pan

Remove the PSI insert.

New hubcap installation on semi-trailer

STEP #3: Install the New Hubcap.

Install Hubcap:
With a new seal installed onto the new hubcap, line it up with the bolt holes and install the bolts.

Reinstall PSI:
Thread the Thru Tee for the PSI system and reconnect the lines. 

And that’s how to replace a hubcap on a semi-trailer. It’s just that easy!

Larry Anders | Trailer Technician at Utility Keystone

I’m Larry Anders.

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