Picture of filling a hub with oil

08/02/2022 12:00PM

Filling A Hub With Oil

Learn how to fill a hub with oil in 3 easy steps.

3 Steps to Filling a Hub with Oil on a Semi-Trailer.

FIRST: Check the oil level.

Check to see if the oil level is touching the Full line.

If it is, you do not need to add oil.

removing oil plug on wheel hub.

STEP #1: Remove the drain plug.

The hub shown in our video has a drain plug.

On some hubs, you’ll remove the red plug on the front of the hub to add oil.

STEP #2: Add the oil.

  • Using 75w 90 gear oil, slowly add the oil until it touches the Full mark on the hub cap. This can take a while, depending on the size of the hubcap.
  • After filling the hubcap to the Fill mark, give it a couple of minutes, and recheck the level to ensure the oil has not dropped below the Full mark.
  • If needed, add more oil until the oil stays at the Full mark.

STEP #3: Install drain plug.

Install the drain plug back onto the hub.

And that’s all you do to fill a hub with oil. It’s just that easy!

Larry Anders | Trailer Technician at Utility Keystone

I’m Larry Anders.

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