Want more money in your pocket? Let’s take a look at your fuel economy.

Whether you’re in charge of a large fleet or an independent owner/operator, attention to fuel efficiency can save on your bottom line. There are multiple factors that affect fuel economy: driver experience, road conditions, load weight, and specifications just to name a few.

Some things are out of your control, but let’s take a look at some things you can control, here’s a list of opportunities.

1. Make Your Trailer Lighter

First, it’s important to know what you’re hauling and understand the specs your trailer requires to haul that product. Then take a look at where you might be able to trim some weight from your trailer.

Whether you’re buying a customized new trailer or purchasing a used trailer consider these specifications:

  • cross member spacing
  • side post spacing
  • wall thickness
  • ceiling thickness
  • wheel composition
  • interior lining composition
  • outside panel composition
  • floor type
  • roof type

For instance, the closer your cross members, the more material used. More material means more weight, more trailer weight means less load weight you are able to haul in the trailer. Less load weight means more trips.

The same applies to side post spacing, and wall and ceiling thickness. And, stainless steel weighs more than aluminum, but there are advantages to both.

Bottom line. Take a look at what are you hauling to see if there is an area where you can trim the fat.

2. Check Your Tires

Making changes to your current trailer spec is difficult, costly, and time-consuming. However, let’s take a look at those tires. You should be checking these each trip anyway, but here are some knowledge nuggets about tires and tire accessories.

  • Tire Pressure: The most obvious? Make sure your tire pressure is where it’s supposed to be, and don’t forget about the inner tire too!
  • Consider Low Rolling Resistance Tires: Low Rolling Resistance tires can help save fuel economy. Plus, this may become mandatory moving forward. Better safe than sorry.
  • Consider Tire Inflation Systems: Tire inflation systems are becoming more and more popular and it’s a real possibility for these to become required in the near future. Tire Inflation Systems can help save time and repair costs. A Tire Inflation System can save you the cost of a new set of tires during the lifetime of the trailer.

Bottom line: Your tires are a great place to start when thinking about fuel efficiency.

3. Aerodynamic Accessories

There are numerous aerodynamic accessories to help improve your fuel economy.

  • Side Skirts: Utility Trailer Manufacturing just released their redesigned side skirts. These particular side skirts could provide a fuel savings of 5% or more.
  • Tail Wings: are another option. STEMCO’s TrailerTail claims to deliver over 5% fuel savings with their product, plus other advantages. Plus, your trailer will start to look like a spaceship. Cool!
  • Other Options: There are some other options, like those offered by SmartTruck, that have similar functions. They offer underbody sleds (under trays), diffusers, rain guards, and side and top fairings. SmartTruck claims fuel savings of 10% or more with all their options added.

Bottom line: Aerodynamic accessories can boost your fuel economy. They’re being mandated by federal law, but lucky for you there are multiple options available.

There are many other ways to save on fuel like regulating your speed, avoiding idling your truck, and using the momentum of your truck.

Paying attention to some of the seemingly small things can improve your fuel efficiency and save money.

There you have it, a few opportunities to help save you money. Need more information? Talk to our team. Our salesparts, and service departments have the knowledge and know-how in all things trailers. Plus, they like to help people.

You can also reach us at 717.400.7183 or visit utilitykeystone.com to see how Utility Keystone Trailer Sales can work for you. Keep on truckin’!