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04/25/2022 2:44PM

Landing Gear Crank Handles

This article is a review of the Jost and Holland Landing Gear Crank Handles for your semi-trailer.

Utility Keystone carries the Jost, and Holland brand landing gear crank handle in various sizes, which can be mounted vertically (vertical folding style) or horizontally (side-mounted).

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JOST Landing Gear Crank Handle

Jost landing gear crank handles

JOST handles are available in Black-Painted Steel

They have an Oval-Shaped hole, which fits the drive shaft on the
Jost landing gear.

Holland Landing Gear Crank Handles

Holland landing gear crank handles

Holland handles are available in Black Painted Steel and Stainless Steel.

They are designed with a Perfect Circle to fit the Holland landing gear’s driveshaft.

What is the Length of a Crank Handle?

The length is the measurement from the input shaft to the first bend in the handle.

What is the Lenght of a semi-trailer landing gear crank handle?

Crank Handle Hanger

Weld-on crank holders are welded directly onto the trailer to hold the crank handles secured.

Photo of crank holder dimensions

Utility Keystone’s parts department stocks various types and sizes for your replacement needs.

To order your landing gear handles, hanger, and mounting bolts, click the link below or call 717-653-9444.

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