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05/02/2022 4:09PM

Hubs On A Semi-Trailer

Today we’re talking about Narrow and Parallel Spindle Hubs on a Semi-Trailer.

So you’re replacing the hubs on a semi-trailer. And whether you are doing the work yourself or someone else is doing it for you, you might have some questions.

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Two Types of Hubs on a Semi-Trailer

Parallel Spindle Hubs:
The inner and outer bearings are the same size on the Parallel spindle hubs.

Narrow Spindle Hubs:
The bearings on a Narrow spindle hub, however, are different sizes. The smaller one is the outer bearing, and the larger bearing goes inside the hub.

Both hubs come with Races already installed and the pressed-in studs installed.

What length studs does your trailer hub require?

The length of the studs required for a trailer hub is determined by whether the trailer has steel or aluminum wheels.

  • Aluminum wheels: A longer stud length is required if you have aluminum wheels.
  • Steel wheel: Steel wheels utilize a shorter stud; however, if you have steel wheels with a long stud, it will not do any harm.

For more information or help with your Semi-Trailer Hubs, click the link below or call 717-653-9444.

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