Gladhands on a Semi-Trailer

01/18/2023 4:41PM

How to Replace Gladhand Seals

Gladhand seals are easy to replace even when you’re out on the road.

When to Replace Gladhand Seals

As a rule, you should replace Gladhand Seals every year. But if you see signs of damage or wear beforehand, replace them immediately.

3 Steps for Replacing Seals

Gladhand Seals sold at Utility Keystone Trailer Sales.

Gladhand seals prevent air from escaping airlines. Seals are sometimes colored blue or red to match service, or emergency gladhands, while silver/black are universally used.

Tools needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • A new set of seals

Step #1: Remove the Old Seal: Insert your screwdriver behind the old seal and pop it out.

Step #2: Clean Gladhand: Once the old seal is removed, clean the gladhand cavity with a rag until it’s free of debris and oil.

Step #3: Insert New Seal:

  • Insert the new seal and, using your fingers, press around the seal’s surface until its grooves lock into the grooves of the gladhand.
  • Once the seal is properly seated, reattach the couple and turn the pressure on to check for leaks.

Utility Keystone sells Phillips brand Gladhand Seals in Blue #12-0161, Red #12-0162, and Black #12-012

And that’s how to replace a mud flap on a semi-trailer. It’s just that easy!

Larry Anders | Trailer Technician at Utility Keystone

I’m Larry Anders.

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