Looking for air bag and shock replacement parts for your semi-trailer? Utility Keystone can help.

DIY Trailer Repair Kits for your Roof, Floor, and Sidewalls will extend the life of your Semi-Trailer for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

SEAL-GAP Roof Sealer

Seal-Gap Roof Sealer is used for ALUMINUM ROOFS and SIDE SHEETS to prevent roof and side wall leaks.

Developed to prevent claims from leaky roof seams in highway trailers

It can also be used around existing seams where you might see caulking begin to wear.

It is applied with a paintbrush to roofing or side sheeting to seal small areas to prevent water leakage.


Quick Patch will extend the life of your liner, preventing sidewall tears in your reefer liner from growing.

This quick patch epoxy permanently repairs cuts and gouges in FRP sidewalls and Reefer Liners. And, it’s a great way to seal around sectioned repairs.

Typical repairs take less than an hour, and the kits include everything you need to make repairs.

Watch video: How to Repair an FRP Side Panel.


by Key Polymer Company

Crack Filler repairs wood flooring and stops further damage and deterioration from water splash-up.

CrackFiller for dry van wood floor repair

Fill Floor Cracks showing light and drawing water up from the wet roadway, and stop further deterioration by preventing under-spray from penetrating the floor.

Repair Gouges in the floor which cause rot from wash-out water pooling on the floor.

Fill Gaps between new and old sections of a newly sectioned floor, creating a tough, impenetrable barrier.

Crack Filler can be used alone but often precedes coating and sealing the entire trailer floor with Key Floor Restore.

Watch video: How to apply Key Crack Filler to repair a Wooden Trailer Floor


by Key Polymer Company

Interior trailer flooring restoration. A complete kit to repair, reseal, and restore dry van trailer flooring.

RESTORE USED Trailer Floors

The easy application takes 2 hours from start to finish

Get the right kit for the job.
Available in kits sizes for 28’, 48’, and 53’ trailers

Watch video: How to Refurbish a Used Trailer Floor with Key Floor Restore

PROTECT NEW Trailer Floors

Apply Key Floor Restore to new floors to create a stronger truck floor that provides a waterproof, durable, and low-maintenance coating.

It takes about 2 hours to apply and dries in approximately 8 hours.

Watch: How to Protect Your New Trailer Floor

Tyler Rivera | Utility Keystone Trailer Sales Parts Counter Representative

Tyler Rivera
Parts Counter Representative

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