replacing a mud flap

10/25/2022 10:41AM

Semi-Trailer Mud Flap Replacement

Semi-trailer Mud Flap Replacement is a quick and easy DIY project. This article will show you how.

Rather than spending a few hours in the service shop to pay to replace a mudflap, consider doing it yourself.

Check out this article to learn how to remove and install a new mudflap on your semi-trailer.

Semi-Trailer Mud Flap Replacement


Mostly mud flaps are bolted in, so you need a ½ inch wrench and socket or a 9/16” wrench and socket for this project.

Removing mud flap on a semi trailer

STEP #1: .

Remove the bolts and pull off the mudflaps.

If you run into a situation where the bolts are too tight or rusted, you might need to use your grinder or another tool to cut the bolt off.

Replacing new mud flap on a semi trailer.

STEP #2:

Once the old mudflap is removed, line up the new mudflap with the existing holes, and put the new bolts through.

You might need to ream out the holes so everything lines up and fits together well.

Then tighten up the bolts, and you’re good to go.

And that’s how to replace a mud flap on a semi-trailer. It’s just that easy!

Larry Anders | Trailer Technician at Utility Keystone

I’m Larry Anders.

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