Dan Upschulte, Helping Spec Your New 3000R and 4000DX!

Loyalty to My Customers, Integrity in My work

Loyalty and Integrity are two words you could use to describe Dan Upschulte’s relationship with his customers. And, he brings these same values to his new role in New Trailer Sales, including the 3000R and 4000DX.

Dan began his career with Utility Keystone, selling used and specialized trailers, focusing on high-end specialty owner-operator specs. And now he’ll add new Utility Dry Van and Reefer lines to the mix, allowing him to provide a full range of purchasing options to his customers.

“Dan has transitioned nicely into a new role, focusing most of his attention on factory ordering and educating our customers on new Utility trailers. Great for this role, Dan is focused and is detail-oriented. When he’s not in the office or on the road meeting with customers, Dan demonstrates a strong commitment to family. He is a proud husband and father of two young boys. We’re happy Dan is a part of our organization, and we look forward to seeing him grow and continue to help our customers win.”

– Matt Duke, Sales/Finance Manager @ Utility Keystone

Dan, walk us through the journey that led you to your new role in new trailer sales.

“Three years ago, I started at Utility Keystone selling used dry vans and specialized MAC Trailers. During my first year, I focused on high-end specialty owner-operator specs – nice, high-end trailers.

I had the opportunity to take over the new flatbed product line, and I held those three roles, used sales, specialized trailers, and new flatbeds.

Now I’m super excited for the opportunity to add new dry vans and new reefers, 3000R and 4000DX, to the product lines in which I specialize.”

What are you most excited about in your new position?

“Having the additional New Utility Dry Van and Reefer product line expertise (3000R and 4000DX) will allow me to serve my customers better with the full range of trailer products to meet their needs.”

What is one word to describe Dan Upschulte? 

“How about two words? Loyalty to my customers and Integrity in my work.

These are the two values necessary if you’re going to succeed, and it’s how I do business. My customers know I’ll always do the right thing by them, every time.”

What challenges do you think you will face in this new role? And how do you see yourself overcoming those challenges?

“I know I have a lot to learn in this industry, but I also know I have a strong sales team with over 42 years of experience standing right beside me. I want my customers to know that with me as their salesman, they also get the support of our entire team from Bill Zeamer, to our service manager, finance manager, and the Utility factory representative helping to meet their needs.”

Ok, time to get a little less serious. What is your spirit animal, and why?

“The Tiger. They are territorial and very intelligent. I like that approach when taking care of my customers—going in with a plan and ultimately being smart about what we’re spec’ing for our customers.”

Welcome to your new role in new trailer sales, Dan. We couldn’t be happier you are part of our team and our UKTS Family!

If you’re looking to purchase a new dry van, reefer trailer, or any other semi-trailer, contact Dan Upschulte using our Contact Us form or call 717.492.2623.