There is always a lot of talk about sharing the road with motorcyclists, but people often forget to share the road with our semi-trailer drivers.  Here we review 3 Tips on how to drive safe with semi-trailers.

Semi-trailers have numerous disadvantages on the road that many of us forget. 

1. Be aware of their blind spots

  • Semi-Trailer’s blind spots are difficult to work around.
  • Always remain a safe distance from the tractor trailer. 
  • If you are behind a semi and are unable to see their side view mirrors, they cannot see you either. 

2. Be patient when driving around a large trailer.

  • Tractors are unable to accelerate and slow down as quickly as the average vehicle. 
  • They also must maintain specific speeds set out by state and federal guidelines, especially around uneven terrains. 
  • Weather is also a big factor in hauling a semi-trailer.   
  • It may take them a little longer to make an average maneuver, but nothing slows you down more than an accident or ticket. 
  • Tailgating a semi-trailer can result in accidents and injuries.
  • Never pass a tractor trailer unless it is in a designated passing zone. 

3. Give a tractor trailer enough room to make turns at intersections.

  • A semi-trailer’s turning radius is wider than other vehicles.
  • If you are at an intersection, remain behind the marked stopping location to allow the tractor trailer enough space to make its turn.

These simple tips can save a lot of time, frustration, money, and lives for both the average driver and also our freight carriers. 

So please, share the road with our drivers out there.  Remember, they are doing their job to keep the economy moving.