Factory Warranty Service Center

16 Service Bays

29+ Service Technicians

First + Third Shift Operations

210+ Years Repair Experience

Mobile Service Trucks

Trailer service center for Utility Keystone in Manheim, PA

Experienced + Knowledgeable

We have you covered: front to back, side to side, top to bottom. Our knowledge and capabilities include:

  • Truck decals
  • Paint
  • Undercarriage + brakes
  • Steel, aluminum, + SST welding
  • Fabrication + modification
  • Trailer repair
  • Wreck repair
  • Roof repair + replacement
  • Liftgate repair + installation
  • Frame repair + straightening
  • Reefer trailer repair + maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Insurance claim processing
  • Mobile reefer repair service
  • Aftermarket trailer parts

Can’t get to our trailer service center? Need roadside repair? How about bulk inspections? Let us send our mobile service truck. We make house calls.

With 29 full-time technicians, 16 bays, a night shift, and the ability to service all brands with our comprehensive parts inventory, there is no fleet too big or too small.

Call us now.