5 Things to know before trading in your semi-trailer.

1. Be Objective – Know what makes a good trade-in.

Try to be objective when looking at your equipment. Determine what the trailer is worth based on facts. We get it, you had ‘Ole Trusty’ for over 5 years and you’ve been everywhere together, but let’s be honest…he ain’t as good as he once was. Right, Toby?

Consider the following:

  • The overall condition
  • Physical defects or damage
  • The age of the unit
  • Make and model, size
  • The rarity of the trailer
  • What you hauled
  • Current inspection status

2. Know Your Trailers Value

Unfortunately, there is no industry standard (i.e. Kelly Blue Book) or online resources to look up the value of your trailer. We advise you to determine a reputable source for appraisals (see bullet point number 2 from one of our previous blogs).

Then, get a few estimates for ‘Ole Trusty’ and do your research. In case you missed it, here is our free trade evaluation. Now you’re ready to make a trade. What next?

3. Bring a Clean Title

When you’re ready to make the trade, you only need the trailer and a clean title. Oh yeah, don’t forget your banking information. That’s it! Easy as pie…we love pie.

4. Get Same-Day Payment!

We offer same-day payment via wire or check for all trades, or we can apply it towards a trailer purchase.

5. The Benefits of Trading Up

There are two guarantees in life: death and taxes. Except when you trade up. Then, there is just one guarantee. And we are pretty sure we created a painless process.

If you are trading in your old trailer toward the purchase of another trailer (at the same dealership, of course), you won’t pay sales tax on the difference. Sweet! We know.

And don’t forget, make sure your dealership has an onsite notary that can handle your title, registration, and license plate.