The Best Selling Reefer Trailer

 The Best Selling Reefer Trailer In The Semi-Trailer Industry – Utility 3000R

What makes the Utility Reefer Trailer the best-selling reefer trailer in the industry? Pretty much everything. 

The stronger & lightweight design, superior thermal performance built into the roof, walls, and floors, and the best rear door system on the market (Utility Barrier Doors) all help make the Utility 3000R better than the rest.

Greater Thermal Efficiency

The most important piece that makes the 3000R superior is the Foam-In-Place insulation process. It guarantees the entire trailer is properly insulated without any foam voids. 

The trailer has 360 degrees, 100% void-free, continuous high-pressure foam. No gaps and voids mean no heat loss in corners and joints, which other manufacturers cannot promise. 

Utility does not use pre-foamed panels which could cause gaps and voids where the walls meet the floor and roof.  Our foam-in-place technology provides greater thermal efficiency, resulting in less work for the reefer unit. 

Less work on your reefer unit allows for lower maintenance costs and lower fuel consumption.  Only Utility can guarantee No Gaps, No Voids, No Worries.

Stop into Utility Keystone Trailer Sales today and speak with one of our many experienced salespeople about your reefer needs!