Trade-In or Sell Your Used Semi-Trailer

Trade-In or Sell Your Used Semi-Trailer

So you're Ready To Trade-In Or Sell Your Used Semi-Trailer. Before You Do, Here's Some Advice From The Dealership Side.

1. Know what makes a good trade-in.

UKTS determines the worth of your trailer based on the facts. We consider the overall condition, physical defects or damage, age of unit, make and model, size, the rarity of the trailer, materials used in the trailer, and current inspection status.

2. Be sure you're getting a fair price for your trade.

Unfortunately, there is no industry standard (like Kelly Blue Book) or many online resources (like Autotrader) to look up the value of your trailer. Utility Keystone advises you to determine a reputable source for appraisals. We have traded over 55,000 trailers over the past 30 years and are proud of our legacy of providing fair and honest assessments of trade-in values. It is not uncommon for UKTS to sell a new semi-trailer and, years later, purchase it back as a trade.

You may want to consider getting a few estimates. Located within a few minutes of UKTS are several other semi-trailer dealerships. Taking a trip to UKTS for your appraisal might be just a stop along the way for you to collect your best offers and options. In your travels, keep in mind that UKTS has the largest inventory of new and used trailers, as well as the best customer service in a full-service dealership in the area.

3.  Have a general idea of what your trailer is worth.

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4.  Bring your trailer in.

On the day you sell your trade, the only items you need are your trailer and a clear title (no lien holders). Also, bring your bank information with you if you'd like to receive payment via wire. That's it!

5.  Know when and how you'll receive your payment.

UKTS offers same-day payment via wire or check for all trades or applications toward a trailer purchase.

6.  Know the benefits of trading in your trailer towards the purchase of another trailer.

If you are trading in your old trailer toward the purchase of another trailer from UKTS, you won't pay sales tax on the difference. You will also experience the convenience of one-stop shopping and an onsite notary that can handle your title, registration, and license plate.