Looking for Semi Trailer Parts OEM and aftermarket heavy haul semi-trailer parts in Manheim PA?

Why Your Fleet Needs to Purchase and Research OEM and Aftermarket Semi Trailer Parts from Utility Keystone for Dry Vans, Reefers, Flatbeds, Drop-Decks, Dumps, Dry Bulk Pneumatic Tanks, Liquids, and Chassis Trailers.

When was the last time you serviced your fleet’s semi-trailers? As either an owner operator or fleet manager, servicing your semi-trailers is vital for maintaining uptime, customer satisfaction, and preventing costly problems on the road and down the road.  When deciding the best approach to maintaining your trailers, should you go with OEM or aftermarket parts?

So how do you decide between OEM vs Aftermarket parts for your dry van, reefer, and flatbed commercial trailer service and maintenance?

Let’s dig deeper. What is OEM? OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. With regards to semi-trailers parts, OEM usually refers to the manufacturer of the original parts assembled and installed during the construction of the new trailer by the manufacturer.

Aftermarket Parts are made by third part companies and not the OEM. These might be installed as replacements or enhancements after the trailer leaves the factory.

Top reasons to use OEM Semi-Trailer Parts


  • OEM parts are made with the same technical specifications as the ones initially installed on the trailer. The primary advantage is that the manufacturer can maintain quality with high quality materials.


  • Parts can last longer before replacing
  • Reliable installation instructions
  • May have warranties
  • Durable materials

Product Compatibility

  • OEM parts are designed with the same dimensions and materials used in the original trailer parts.

High Reliability

  • Original parts are designed with high quality materials and technology and promote slow wear

OEM Parts Come with Warranties

  • Warranties with OEM parts vary dependent upon the manufacturer. Some are based on mileage on the part and some based on time limitations.

Top Reasons to Use Aftermarket Semi-Trailer Parts


Aftermarket parts are usually designed to fit your trailer and deliver the same performance as the OEM parts they are meant to replace. The main reason this option is so appealing is due to price. Aftermarket semi-trailer parts are available for a significantly lower cost than OEM parts.


Purchasers will have many more options (competition) in the space online and in-store to be able to shop around. Make sure to ask your parts specialists about the best source options. You might be surprised that some aftermarket options may be better in quality than the originals.

When searching for either OEM or Aftermarket semi-trailer parts, make sure to rely on a parts specialist to help you decide.

6 Reasons to Choose Utility Keystone Semi Trailer Parts for Your Heavy Haul Semi-Trailer Needs 

  1. OEM Parts for Any Make or Model
  2. Aftermarket Trailer Parts in Stock
  3. Daily UPS Shipments
  4. Free Delivery within a 150 Mile Radius of Shop
  5. No Fuel Surcharge on Deliveries
  6. 6,000 sq. ft. Showroom/Warehouse


At Utility Keystone We Offer Semi-Trailer Parts for Any Semi-Trailer Make and Model

We understand the urgency of getting your trailer back out on the road. And our semi-trailer parts specialists have the experience to get you there fast.

Utility Keystone of Pennsylvania sells thousands of in-stock Semi-Trailer OEM and aftermarket parts for any heavy haul semi-trailer make and model. Whatever equipment you are hauling, we can get you the commercial trailer parts you need. We also offer free delivery within 150 miles of our semi-trailer parts store.

For more than 41 years, Utility Keystone has been supplying parts for the trailer industry. And we’ve learned some things about how to be the best in the business.

Our motto, “We help others Win,” is a product of our values, and our values drive the way we do business.

We are committed to providing you with quality parts for all makes and models.

Over 24k Stocked OEM & After Market Parts

We understand the urgency of getting your trailer back out on the road. And our semi-trailer parts specialists have the experience to get you there fast.

We sell thousands of in-stock Semi-Trailer parts for any make and any model. Whatever equipment you are hauling, we can get you the commercial traile parts you need.

Streamline your semi-trailer search inSemi Trailer Parts with Utility Keystone Trailer Sales Parts.

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