Cheetah 33' Extendable Bridgemaster Chassis

Cheetah 33' Extendable Bridgemaster Chassis

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33' Extendable Bridgemaster Specifications 

The 33' Cheetah Bridgemaster chassis can carry one 20 ft. ISO container rated for 24 metric tons (using a 16,200 lb. tractor). Its sliding frame allows this chassis to extend to a maximum 41' length, allowing it to carry heavy-loaded 20' ISO containers that would be illegal to transport over the road on a standard 23.5' Slider chassis.
This extendable container chassis is assembled in the USA and built to last, featuring state-of-the-art fabrication, welding, and paint systems. 
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Function Carries one 20 ft. ISO container rated for 24 metric tons when using a 16,200lb tractor. Meets all DOT, TOFC, FMVSS, ANSI, SAE and TTMA specifications in effect at the time of manufacture and applicable to operate in the United States. 
Frame Rating Maximum container and payload weight of 65,000lbs. 
Length 41ft extended
33ft closed

96" over bolsters 
102" over tires

Kingpin Location 15" from front of chassis
Maximum Rear Height 52-1/2"
Main Beams Fabricated I-Beam
Bogie Beams W10 x 30#/ft; wide flange I-beam, Grade 65
Upper Coupler Assembly Pick up plate is 1/4" thick and extends approximately 18" behind the kingpin and is reinforced for eand aft by 15/16" formed channels
Bracing Lateral Bracing
Front Bolster 1/4" wall x 6" x 8" tube with 1/2" end plates
Rear Bolster 5/16" wall x 6" x 8" tube with 1/2" end plates
Twist Locks & Slide Pins Meets ISO standards and requirements
Slider Mechanism Lock engagement ensured by two spring-loaded pins through main beams. Movement is facilitated by low-friction slide pads.
ICC Bumper 4" x 4" x 3/16" tube step bumper. Two rubber bumpers.
Landing Gear Two speed, AAR approved, square leg. 50,000lb lift capacity and 140,000lb static capacity
Landing Gear Axle Type Standard
Landing Gear Foot Group 10" x 10" Low profile sandshoe
Crank Handle Location curbside handle
Axles Three (3) axles
Axle Centers 53-1/2"
Suspension Spring Ride
Springs Two Leaf
Hub Type Hub piloted for disc wheels
Hub Material Steel
Drum Outboard mounted
Rims/Wheel 8.25 X 22.5 hub piloted tubeless
Wheel/Rim Color White
Tires Cheetah Supplied
Tire Size 11R 22.5
Tire Inflation System None
Brake Lining Options Standard
Lubrication Oil 90 wt.
Brake System Type Three tank, Three valve system. Wabco 2S/1M ABS control valve with diagnostics and Sealco #1 10800 spring break valve.
Brake Chambers 30 /30
Slack Adjusters Automatic
Hubodometer None