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Are you searching for semi-trailer parts? Whether you need OEM or aftermarket parts for your dry vans, reefers, flatbeds, drop-decks, dumps, dry bulk pneumatic tanks, liquids, or chassis trailers, it is important to make informed decisions for the maintenance and service of your fleet. Regular servicing of your semi-trailers makes sure uptime, customer satisfaction, and avoids expensive issues on the road.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

Choosing between OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and aftermarket parts can be challenging. OEM parts are made by the original manufacturer, guaranteeing they meet the same specifications as the parts originally installed. These parts are known for their quality, durability, and compatibility, often coming with warranties that vary by manufacturer. They ensure high reliability and long-lasting performance. On the other hand, aftermarket parts are produced by third-party companies and can be used as replacements or enhancements. The primary appeal of aftermarket parts is their cost-effectiveness. They are generally cheaper than OEM parts and offer a wide range of options. If you’re unsure of the best direction for you, consult with one of our parts specialist, and we’ll help you determine which is best for your needs.

Benefits of OEM Parts

  • Quality: OEM parts match the original technical specifications and are made from high-quality materials.
  • Durability: These parts tend to last longer and often come with reliable installation instructions and warranties.
  • Compatibility: OEM parts fit perfectly as they are designed with the same dimensions and materials as the original parts.
  • Reliability: OEM parts are made with advanced technology, ensuring slow wear and high reliability.

Benefits of Aftermarket Parts

  • Cost: Aftermarket parts are more affordable while still providing similar performance to OEM parts.
  • Options: There are numerous options available, both online and in stores, allowing you to shop around for the best deals and quality.

Why Choose Utility Keystone Trailer Sales for Semi-Trailer Parts

We offer a wide range of semi-trailer parts for most makes and models, with a large inventory of both OEM and aftermarket parts, making sure you find what you need quickly. With over 41 years in the trailer parts industry, we have the knowledge and experience to provide the best service. Our motto, “We help others win,” reflects our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our parts team members are dedicated to getting your trailer back on the road quickly and efficiently. Here are some reasons why we want you to choose us:

  • OEM Parts for Any Make or Model: They stock parts for all types of trailers.
  • Aftermarket Trailer Parts in Stock: A variety of aftermarket options are available.
  • Daily UPS Shipments: Fast shipping ensures you get your parts quickly.
  • Free Delivery within a 150 Mile Radius: Convenient delivery service without additional fuel surcharges.
  • Large Showroom/Warehouse: A 6,000 sq. ft. space showcasing their extensive inventory.

For those needing OEM or aftermarket semi-trailer parts, we offer a comprehensive selection and expert advice. Contact our team today to assist with your parts search and keep your fleet running smoothly.