Deferred payments.
Little to no money down​.
Provides you with equipment now​.
Increases your cash flow.

90 Day Deferred Financing.

90-Day Deferred

How it Works

  • Contingent upon credit approval and requires a minimum of 5 years in business and 10 or more power units
  • Applies to a finance contract​  
  • You have a need for trailers but are waiting to spend
  • Payments get added to the end of the term of the loan


  • Little to no money down​
  • Monthly payments are fully tax-deductible​
  • Provides you with equipment now​  
  • Increases your cash flow
  • Same rules apply to contract (ex. Pre-payment options)


Unit2020 Utility 3000R w/o unit = $54,000
Term72 Months
Monthly Payments$920 (Dec, Jan, Feb.)
Total Interest$12,241
Total Cost$66,241
(*Illustration only. Based on approved credit.)