Wearband, Securement, and Side Panel Options for Standard Reefer Trailer

Today in our series, we’re discussing Wearband, Load Securement, and Side Panel Options for a standard reefer trailer. And it is part of our series on How To Buy the Best Reefer Trailer.

Wearband Options:

Wearband options for standard reefer trailer. HD Wearband and Polar X Fiberglass

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  • HD Wearband: Heavy-Duty Aluminum, with a 10” turn up and a 6” extension, for a total of 16 inches.
  • Polar X Fiberglass: Heavy-Duty Fiberglass (Polar X),  with a 2” turn up. Heavy-duty fiberglass will  bond to the sidewall.

Typically, tow motors come in and either hit the sidewall because they can’t see or because they don’t have a lot of room, so they run along the sidewall to get the product to the front of the trailer.

Determine where your tow motor damage occurs. Is it at 16”, 10”, or 22”?

We can adjust the height of your wearband and determine the best application for your needs; Fiberglass or Aluminum.  And keep in mind, wearband can also be added to the rear doors to prevent damage.

Securement and Double Decking

What is the best way to secure your load in a semi-trailer? Let’s review options to consider when looking at load securement and e-track.

  • Used for load securement or double decking, it can also minimize motor damage on the sidewalls.
  • It can be surface mounted or recessed at the factory.
Side Panels:

Options include:

  • Standard Smooth Panel
    • Flat pre-painted white panel with an 040 thickness. It’s a little bit lighter
  • Corrugated Panel (Upgrade):
    • 040 thickness
    • It is a bit heavier and a bit more durable, and it’s going to hide your nicks much better than a smooth panel
    • Heavy haul applications often upgrade to .050 or .063 panel thickness
  • Stainless Steel Side Panel:
    • It is a bit heavier
    • And, it is considerably higher in cost

Note: When talking to your salesperson, make sure that your side posts are precoated. Precoating prevents oxidation and possible corrosion from the inside.


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