Here’s How to Move More Sand More Efficiently to Your Well Pad

Here’s How to Move More Sand More Efficiently to Your Well Pad

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Tim Proffitt with Proppant Cheetah Chassis



It’s true moving sand is no day at the beach until now that is. Utility Keystone Trailer Sales has just made it better, and now it’s 75° and Sunny.

Delivering sand to fracking industry well pad sites can be time-consuming and costly. The long narrow roads used to access the sites are problematic, the difficult path can be 2 miles long or more, and the turns are tight.

Tim Proffitt of Utility Keystone Trailer Sales says: “The problem is flatbeds are just not made to be off-road.”

 “A customer contacted me about a problem they were experiencing in the field, in Western Pa. They, along with most proppant container haulers, were using flatbed trailers with spread axles which were costing them time, money and frustration. The access roads to the well pads are very rough, and the axle spread on the 53’ trailers was destroying their tires. They needed a solution and asked if I could help.”

In late 2017 Tim presented a new sand hauling concept to Cheetah and worked with their engineers to develop a chassis that would increase efficiency and cut costs.

Picture of the Proppant Cheetah Chassis

Tim explains, “We designed a 38’ chassis with closed tandem axles to eliminate these major issues, and we developed it to carry 2 of the major carriers of boxes for sand, PropX and ArrowsUp, and the Proppant II was born… a cost-efficient and flexible proppant delivery solution.”

3 Ways the Proppant II Cheetah Chassis maximizes efficiency and lowers maintenance costs.

  1. Faster Delivery: The shorter overall length of 38.5’ increases turn times, getting you in and out of the site pad quicker for faster delivery.
  2. Minimizes Tire Wear: The shorter length chassis and closed tandem axles saves wear on tires.
  3. Low Tare Weight: One of the lightest chassis in the industry with a Tare weight of 8,300lbs allows the Proppant II to deliver more sand.

Picture of the Utility Keystone Trailer Sales Proppant chasssis in the field

Used in Utica Shale Oil Fields, Marcellus Shale in Northern Pa, and the Permian Basin, to name a few, the Proppant chassis meets the demands of every difficult terrain.

The Proppant chassis carries:

  • (1)10’ Bin
  • (2) Empty 10’ Bins
  • (1) 20’ ISO container
  • (2) 8’ Bins


  • (7) Total Bolsters: (5) for Heavy Containers, (2) for Empty
  • Access package: Steps, Ladders, and Platform for easy access to bin lids
  • Twistlocs designating full and empty box locations

How Utility Keystone Trailer Sales was Named 2018 Cheetah Chassis Dealer of the Year.

In January 2015 Tim was hired to take the Cheetah line and make it a new profit center for Utility Keystone Trailer Sales.

Tim explains, “We started 2015 running from Charleston SC to Newark New Jersey and every port in between promoting the Cheetah Intermodal Chassis, and in 2018 we became Cheetah’s largest dealer in the country. We accomplished this by focusing on two key areas. One, stocking Intermodal Chassis so we could service our customer’s needs immediately and second, listening to our customers and helping them find a solution to their unique needs. These two efforts allowed us to sell over 600 chassis of varied styles and earned us the title 2018 Dealer of the Year.”

Ask Tim or Tom to help find the right Chassis for your operation.

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Cheetah Chassis info: Contact either Tim or Tom.

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