In 2014 I came to Keystone utility and rented a brand new trailer from Bill Strewdie,.Halfway into my contract, I came back and purchased my trailer which I have currently today.  Before coming down there for my 1st service for this trailer since I bought it, I explained to Dan and the service departmnt what my problems was with my cross members at the belly of my trailer. I brought the trailer down and Dan looked at and he said yes they can complete the job. But, everybody had their trailer at Utility Keystone and they were backed up in their work. Instead of refusing to fix my truck, he offered a referral to me unlike any other dealership that I experience in my 20 years of being an own operator, The guys got down underneath the ground and crawled underneath the trailer with me and pointed out some things in what I needed. According to his close neighbor referral, my trailer would be being completed that weekend, 10 days ahead of schedule. And, he also saved me a couple dollars on the referral. I have visited major truck dealerships such as Freightliner Pen diesel, and so forth and I have never experienced honest open service that was face-to-face and answered my questions and was so eager to help me that it didn’t matter if they did it they were just interested in getting my truck back on the road. Nowadays, it’s hard to get trailers serviced or purchased for some reason. There’s a Shortage on trailers to purchase and hard to get in the shop. Dan made sure that my truck would be up and running even if he did not do the repair. Thank you so much Dan and Deb, and the assistant service manager. Believe it or not I know that bill does not work there in the rental department anymore more, but we still keep in contact. Thank you so much.